Promont as a logistic operator specializes in serving fast-moving consumer goods. Promont's Logistic Terminal Park I and Promont's Logistic Terminal Park II offer logistic base with a high standard of sanitary requirements suited for FMCG industry. We also provide logistics services for our customers storage area. Modern IT solutions, tailored fleet of forklifts, and above all experienced and qualified staff is a guarantee of professional service to our customers.

FMCG - food industry (FMCG, fast-moving consumer goods)

We provide logistics services for the FMCG industry and the automotive industry. In addition to modern demand for reloading and storage of large-size items, Promont ensures fully professional warehouse service. Well-chosen fleet of forklifts, support of modern IT solutions and high service standards guarantee the responsible management required by our clients.

The packaging sector requires special attention of logistic operator. Type of stored products due to their fragility, delicacy, the specific requirements of temperature, humidity is a challenge for the warehouse staff. Contractors appreciate our involvement and professionalism as evidenced by their constant cooperation with our company.


We are not afraid to take up new challenges and tasks. Promont's team is eager to learn to satisfy our clients' expectations. Our goal is continuous development.